What's your differentiator?

The answer to this question is the very essence of your brand. It will have been the first thought you had, whether conscious or unconscious, when you sat down and decided that you were going into business. Your differentiator is your brand; it is the heartbeat of who and what you are; it has the potential to be the difference between making it and not making it.

At JUNO Creative we offer you the opportunity to create or refocus your identity by drawing together the essential elements that make up your brand and combining them with a simple marketing plan that will get you noticed, in all the right places.

Bringing corporate visual marketing experience to small business
  • There are three qualities, above all others, that Bev possesses in spades: she is driven; clear-thinking; and has integrity.

    Simon Slater (CEO, Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP)
  • Bev’s input helped us to bring greater clarity to our business offering that resulted in a much more focussed and coherent message across our range of literature.

    Managing Director (Professional Services Firm)
  • Bev is insightful, creative and one of the most organised and efficient people I have ever worked with, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Heather Morgan (Director, Change Insights)
  • No stone will be left unturned, such is her attention to detail.

    Simon Slater (CEO, Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP)
  • Bev always ensured that her projects were delivered on budget and on schedule.

    Gordon Jackson (Deputy Mayor of Guildford & former COO of Taylor Wessing LLP)
  • Brand refinement is a process of many parts, and we continue to work with Bev at a pace we are comfortable with.

    Heather Morgan (Director, Change Insights)
  • I and all the members of my team quickly came to realise that 'second best' was not a phrase that she recognised.

    Charles Price (Chairman & CEO, PIP Asset Management LLP)
  • Her efficiency and soft inter-personal skills make her a pleasure to deal with.

    Managing Partner (Professional Services Firm)
  • Bev's plan for change was phased to suit our needs and, whatever she did, was always the most cost-effective approach possible.

    Heather Morgan (Director, Change Insights)
  • Bev is innovative and articulate ... I am more than impressed by what she has achieved for my company and would not hesitate to recommend her.

    Dana Morgan (Managing Director, Destiny Rising Holistic Therapy Centre)
  • I was sceptical that she would be able to complete the assignment on time and on budget whilst still achieving the high standard that was promised at our first meeting.

    Charles Price (Chairman & CEO of PIP Asset Management LLP)
  • Bev effortlessly supported us in our quest to refine our message, translating it across all on- and offline platforms.

    Heather Morgan (Director, Change Insights)
  • Bev is a consumate professional and fun to work with. A breath of fresh air.

    Simon Slater (CEO, Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP)
  • Bev has helped us build a brand out of obscurity. Her strong organisational skills and attention to detail mean project deadlines are seldom missed.

    Managing Partner (Professional Services Firm)
  • At a time when Change Insights needed a fresh focus, Bev was instrumental in walking us through a brand refresh, one step at a time.

    Heather Morgan (Director, Change Insights)
  • Bev was always prepared to go the extra mile. She was very well organised and efficient and quickly grasped what was needed.

    Gordon Jackson (Deputy Mayor of Guildford & former COO of Taylor Wessing LLP)
  • Bev makes a refreshing change from those in her industry who promise a lot and then delivery very little … I realised that, in her field, she was 'the special one'.

    Charles Price (Chairman & CEO, PIP Asset Management LLP)

What We Do

All services


Visual brand management from logo design to over-arching brand design and aesthetic, as well as content management across the full marketing piece – managing what the world reads, hears and sees


Online marketing communications including websites, domain registration and management; e-comms (group emails to clients and contacts, including e-newsletters); podcasts (short  marketing films); and social media


Offline marketing communications encompassing all printed materials including business cards, stationery, brochures, leaflets, presentations and event materials including invitations and delegate packs

Marketing collateral

Branded merchandise (t-shirts, pens, conference pads, golf balls) and banner stands; sustainable/recycled options


Editorial including proof-reading and copywriting, and general content management across all marketing pieces for brand consistency


Contracting in professional photographers; managing styling for team headshots and image review/selection post-shoot for brand consistency

Budget management

Budget management and retaining the best possible service providers balancing quality with cost

Blending seamlessly

Blend seamlessly into team environments and work collaboratively with outsourced suppliers

Whatever it is you need

We can support you

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